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Mexican Spur

When Chicagoan Kitty Cumming’s baby dies, she rejects frontier life in the tiny town of Mexican Spur. An attack by Indians leaves four children orphaned. Kitty takes them on condition their kin is notified. She doesn’t want a replacement for her baby and her husband is wrong to try. She also fears she doesn’t have the makings to be a good mother.

Ward Cummings prays his once vibrant wife opens her heart to the children so healing will begin. He’s brought his wife to the Ruby Valley to build a life where he can be his own boss but wonders if frontier life is just too difficult for them both.

The citizens in Mexican Spur want justice for the victims of the raid. Ward convinces them to send for the law. A local rancher and his wife are murdered, and folks call for revenge. Ward joins a posse to arrest the renegade Indians and to prevent a lynching.

The children reveal their attackers weren’t Indians. Kitty’s afraid of horses but must ride to find Ward and tell him before innocent lives are lost. Success restores her confidence and the love of her family renews a giving spirit--until the children’s uncle arrives to take them to his home.

Will Ward and Kitty survive another heart-wrenching good-bye?


Past Forgetting

Joanna Blake yearns to live in the present but a time slip keeps her anchored in the past. When she leaves her house, she’s transported to the Edwardian Age. She must trust a perfect stranger, the new doctor in town, with her secret to find the reason for this curse.

Dr. Will Thomas has sworn vengeance against the Blake family who swindled his grandfather, Captain William Thomas, out of a fortune and condemned three generations of his family to poverty. When Joanna confides in Will, he is torn between duty and desire. He’s attracted to the lonely spinster but he has promised his family to right a terrible injustice.

Will convinces Joanna to take him to the past. When she discovers why he wants to time travel, she feels betrayed. Only working together can they find out what really happened so long ago so both of them can return to live in the present.

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